How to survive on a multiplayer anarchy server

One of the most popular types of Minecraft servers is an anarchy server. These are usually very different from other worlds because they have few rules and sometimes even no rules at all. Players must gather resources, survive in a harsh environment that’s hostile to you (both animals and players) while also defending themselves against them as well! The lack of land protection plugins means it’s absolutely vital for your base or fortress be hidden so it can’t easily be attacked by invaders who want revenge on those pesky griefers!

The whole objective behind these servers is that you can do whatever you want. Whether that be sabotaging another player, or stealing all of their resources, there’s an endless amount of possibilities within these servers! Playing one such server starts out with the game mode being structured similarly to Minecraft: gather resources and craft weapons for your home base. But beware — other players are lurking around every corner waiting to take what they have worked so hard for in a heartbeat…

Do you want to try an Anarchy server? You’ll need a guide on how to join one.
Creepers aren’t the only things that should concern players, as servers can have different rules and modes of operation–so it’s important for newcomers know their way around Minecraft before they hop in with friends or alone. While this might not be your first priority when joining up with other gamers online via multiplayer (especially if there are plenty more complicated parts), here is a quick rundown on how to make sure you’re set-up properly:
Load up vanilla Minecraft > Select Multiplayer from the menu screen -> At bottom right side of screen, press “Add Server” button -> Type in desired IP address; once entered hit Enter key –>